Choose E cigarettes for ahealthy life



Theman is now 60 years old. He started to smoke at the age of nine. By the time when he was attaining high school he suffered a massive heart attack, but could not quit smoking, since he was addicted to it. And then one day he thought why not try an electric cigarette. But he had little knowledge of electric cigarettes. From that time, he went on searching about the details of e-cigarettes thathas benefitted lots of peoplein the world. Thus, the benefits and the basic use of the e-cigarettes are discussed in details.

Definition of E-cigarettes

The Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettesare a device that emits vaporized nicotine that is inhaled just like normal one.The device is battery operated and can also emit nonnicotine vaporized solution. It is a very fruitful product which can be used as a substitute for normal cigarettes. Though e-cigarettes provide smaller dosages of nicotine, it does not emit any kind of smoke.

Components of E-cigarettes

Most of the electronic devices have a mouthpiece, a heating element, a battery and some electronic circuits. E-cigarettes have several and very interesting components thatare discussed below. Let us see the De basis van elektrischesigaretten.

• Mouth piece: The Mouth Piece is known as the cartridge. It is fixed to the end of the tube. A small plastic cup within the mouth piece holds the absorbent materials drenched in liquid solution.The solution can carry various amount of nicotine. The mouthpiece is also referred as cartridge that can be pre filled when it is required. Sometimes drip tips can be used instead of themouth piece in which the absorbing materials can be removed,and drops of liquid can be placed directly on the atomizer bridge.

• Atomizer:It is a heatingelement which heats up the liquid thatcauses vaporizationthus giving a soothed feeling when inhaled. This atomizer requires replacement with time. The time period is from three to six months.

• The battery and electronic components: Most of the time it is provided with a lithium battery which is rechargeable. The battery helps to power the heating elements. The battery life depends on how you use it. There are other factors like shape, size and operating environment. It is the main component of electronic cigarettes. This battery has been upgradedwith a sensor in recent times, and it automatically generates heating methods as soon as it is sucked. For additional information follow .

Few tips about E-Cigarette battery

The battery of the electronic cigarettes needs a minimum charge of 10 hours to reach its full capacity. The normal charging time takes 2 to 4 hours, and as the charger light turns green, the battery provides afull charge. Batteries once fully charged can be stored for a long period if not used. The charger batteries have safety features. It should be used kept away from inflammable items. But before charging the e-cigarette battery one needs to read the instructions carefully.


Everyplay Technology-Drastic Evolution in Mobile Gaming Industry



In recent times, sporting activities have increased both at professional and amateur levels, with physical activity and sports gaining much attention at academic level. Many countries, like U.S.A, Russia, Australia, China and Germany have taken up the initiative to make sports a professional career for many individuals, rather than it being the force of a lucky few who can afford the coaching and equipment costs, that the sport demands. Even many companies involved in providing advanced technologies and have focused on developing games installed in different types of mobile devices and at the same time introduced countless programs to make them available easily via Android phones. In this content, you will get information about the new technology named as the Everyplay technology advent in mobile phones to allow enjoying games to users.

Applifier and Everyplay Technique

After successful launch of this innovative technology over different types of iOS devices, the Applifier Company has launched its mobile games network with the help of Everyplay technology over the Android 4.1 and its other higher versions. This network has allowed many users to share and record replays of their various favorite game-related moments on different social networks, perform their functions to encourage newbie to download many exciting games.

Professionals involved in the introduction of this technique have drastically enhanced word-of-mouth installs and in turn overall revenue. Currently, you can avail this exclusive platform on more than 60 percent of international Android users and provide proper support to different types of popular Android devices. These will include Google Nexus, LG Optimus device, Galaxy Note Devices and various other models of Samsung Galaxy phones.

Functions and Specialties of the Technology

Everyplay technology has allowed users to share their videos and other relevant media, which indicates some of their best moments and brag about games to colleagues and friends. Epic fails; massive success, hilarious and eye-catching scenes, as well as video, replays advent in the form of in-game moments, drive users to install their favorite games. Specialty about this technique is that it has incorporated a single SDK to allow all types of games.

Moreover, the entire package contains in-house engines, Cosco 2d and Unity 3D features. This advanced software installed in Android phones can easily integrate into the game played by users with no or minimum possible effect over gaming performance. Even some other experienced people related to the technology sector have said that Everyplay technology is a drastic revolution, which allows users on Android and iOS games to share and record game plays. In addition, with the introduction of Game Ads, traditional type of video and advertisement network, developers of Android games will get excellent opportunities to monetize their offered products and made the acquisition of many new users.

Lastly, professionals have even integrated this technology with the toolset of Unity to provide advanced gaming solutions to its users. In conclusion, the technology has succeeded to achieve its big community comprises of 6 millions of total users from different parts of the world. Therefore, people if you have your Android device and like to play mobile phone games, you should definitely think for this type of advanced technology today.

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Finding the elusive smile With Kodak



Not many things in the world can make us smile, a cute baby face, message from your crush, or a joke sent by our friends can make us smile. But the one thing that has guaranteed brought smiles to the faces of people all over the world, irrespective of the cast, race and creed and no matter the situation they are in, this thing has always managed to bring a smile on a person’s face. No, I am not talking about tickets to the FIFA world cup final, I am talking about camera.

Yes, the cameras no matter the make and model have always managed to get a smile on the faces of people. And even before the selfie craze took off, camera’s brought people closer because you had to ask someone to take your picture.

Generic Term

The word “Generic” would mean that a thing has become so common that people have started using the word instead of its original name, it’s very band for brands to become generic as they can lose the marketing name. The best example for that would be Xerox, a company into the business of making photocopy machines ended up as a synonym for photocopy itself.

Other generic brand name and also this one is probably the one that thought the world how to smile is Kodak, the brand has made us smiled and infect I remember it as “a Kodak smile”

History of the smile creator

The camera can be traced back to the ancient times, infect the ancient Chinese, and the Greeks were known to use devices that resembled the camera, it was used to project an image of a particular object on the surface.

In the year 1888, the first camera with film was produced and was humbly given the name Kodak. In my early childhood days, we still had a film based camera, and we had to click every picture carefully and with proper angel or else the film would go waste. It seems though now we don’t face the same problem; the device storage is a different issue.

The humble film camera lost its sheen with the advent of digital cameras and the last one I remember seeing in was in some relatives wedding. Since then it’s all digital, but I miss the film based cameras, the excitement of changing the film without it being damaged by sunlight made me feel like I am scientist

TSD (The Selfie Device)

Modern cameras have evolved so much that the cell phones have a better resolution cameras in built in them and that too they come in pairs. A front facing and back facing, though originally designed for better use of video calling and video conferencing, I think the major use of front facing cameras is for taking selfies. Even the regular digital cameras have started incorporating features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to better connect multiple devices and share the pictures and with the onset of social media, no numbers of selfies are enough.


No matter in which shape or company those the camera come in, it will always be a device that manages to bring up the smiles on people’s faces.

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Kodak – Extinction of A Slow Moving Giant



There aren’t many of us, who have not heard about the ‘Kodak moment’, or who have not used the ‘aim and shoot’, or the ‘hotshot’, or automatic snapshot cameras, or for that matter, a Kodak photo film. The contemporary generation thrives on the digital versions, which are an integral part of their hand-held devices, or laptops, or desktops, etc.

There was a time, when we were surrounded by Kodak billboards, advertisements on the television and in the print media and most of our family celebrations or vacations were ‘captured’ by Kodak.

As all good things come to an end, Kodak declared bankruptcy in early June, 2014, ending its phenomenal run of over a century, and began a humble descent into the annals of history.

Home-made photography:

Kodak entered homes, at a time when photography was ‘left to the professionals,’ confined mainly to studios and dark labs. They literally took photography ‘home,’ by enabling anyone and everyone to become a photographer, irrespective of age or gender. Capturing those ‘first moments’ became possible; novice dads no longer missed ‘first steps,’ grandparents could always ‘be present’ at birthdays, even intimate moments could be captured more discreetly.

Kodak, it seems preached a message, ‘your life is personal, preserve it’, and guess what; that’s where they went wrong. With the advent of social networking sites, people didn’t want to ‘keep things to self.’

People began to ‘live for likes’, their motto became ‘been there, done that, but no use until we have shared that’. Some ‘smart’ phones are smart enough only to capture photos and upload them, but that’s what sells today.

Adaptability Not Ideology:

There were so many ways in which Kodak could have made a comeback; they focused on film technology when the world was going digital. Photography and Photo-editing became complementary processes; Kodak could have made a foray into that segment.

Distribution was a strong forte of Kodak; they could have looked at setting up Kiosks or digital hubs at the outlets.

Kodak never tried the plug and play option. Cameras were being looked at as gadgets for not only capturing images but also sharing images on the internet; unfortunately Kodak never probed that angle.

As gaming became popular among the younger users of digital equipment, most manufacturers of photographic equipments, tied up with software companies, exploring synergies to cater to an ever-changing world of virtual imaging and technology. Kodak did invest in the Sun Microsystems earlier on, but could not identify a commercially viable platform or an inter-phase to exploit that asset.

The Legacy Lives On:

There are arrays of speculation about the ‘mistakes’ that Kodak made, and its eventual eviction from the photography industry. But no one can take away their glory or their legacy, like heritage sites which do not have a use or purpose in modern times, but that does not diminish their past glory.

The old has given way for a new and ‘Everyplay’ and ‘Gaming’ technology have replaced the ‘still photography’ and digital images have replaced the print versions. Many have learned from Kodak and re-created themselves; many may have worked at Kodak, and spread its work culture to other organizations. Like energy cannot be created or destroyed but continues existing in other forms, similarly, the energy that Kodak brought into the ‘photography’ industry will always continue to exist in the other organizations who have learnt a valuable lesson from it.

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Everplay Technology – The Motto One World In One Format



In the recent years, there has been a lot of outcry over various injustices happening all around the world; people are demanding peace and better life prospects with their governments and also coming out in support of people in need in different parts of the world.

Likewise, there has always been an outcry by the netizens to allow for a common format of music, pictures and movies that would allow them to be supported on all devices.

The current problem

People have been facing the format issues since major players of the industry have tied to promote their hardware by help of software. Major players have developed software’s that are only compatible with the hardware of the same firm, for instance, and iOS user would be unable to use software’s that are specifically designed for devices that support only Android.

Also, the same issue persists with the movie formats; a blue ray would never run on a DVD player, in fact, many movies dvd’s needs to be by first checking the compatibility of the player that one has.

Tides are changing

Thanks to the smart thinking of industry innovators, companies have started recognizing the benefits of having a standard form for all the software’s that are universally compatible.

In the early 2006, Japanese giants like Fujifilm and other media players came together and finally answered the prayers of all those millions of netizens who wanted a single format system that can run on any system regardless of the make, God bless their soles!!

And so by the brilliant effort of these media giants Everplay came into existence, the software works on a simple policy, and that is to work on any device and be as format friendly as possible.

And look at the generosity of the Japanese, this software can be attained royalty free by any other media company and can get the codes for creating a format that in most device friendly. Talk about sharing, these guys have created a benchmark of it.

The software allows us to be open with the idea of playing any format with any device that one has, mean this is freedom at a whole new stage.

I mean just think about getting rid of all those cd’s we had created to store movies and songs of similar formats, the space that it will free up on the desktop or your laptop. 


Before the software had come into the picture, people used to download format converters from the net, which sometimes proved to be a bit risky because of all the virus and malware that is generally attached with the free software.

We would be rid free of that hassle once and for all; another advantage would be on the size of the file; many formats used to occupy huge spaces and, as a result, your humble 8 gb pen drive would be able only to carry 2 at the most 3 movies. Now when your movie formats are same, thanks to the everplay we can compress them and save space, because, for a netizen, free mb space on a USB drive is much more important that the FSI that his flat has.

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Kodak-Provider of Sound Imaging Solutions to Business



Kodak or the Eastman Kodak Company is a well-known technology company of United States, which focuses on providing efficient level of imaging solutions and services for different types of business ventures or business organizations. Since the first step of this American Company, its senior professionals have focused on the delivery of functional printing, packaging, graphical communications and professional level of services for worldwide business ventures.

Segments of the Company

Primary segments of this company will include Commercial and Entertainment films, Graphics as well as Printing and Enterprise and many more. Kodak has obtained its good name for the delivery of various types of photographic and film products.

Position of Kodak in Photography Sector

Kodak has until now obtained its dominant position in the sector of photographic film and succeeded to achieve massive 90 percent of the total share for sales of photographic film in different parts of United States. In fact, the company has such type of ubiquity so that its tagline as Kodak moment has entered into the common lexicon to describe or overview the personal event, which demanded for the recording of posterity.

Works by Focusing on Strong Customer Relationships

Other than innovation in technological sector, professionals working under Kodak Company also give their focus in building and establishment of relationships with customers and target audiences to expand the already existing business ventures and form new ones with the help of technological collaboration capable of driving differentiation in the entire market.

Specifically, the company has incorporated its unmatched commercial imaging portfolio for products and direct result of the unique combination of various proven technologies and detailed knowledge in other sectors, like digital imaging science, materials science and entire process of deposition.

In addition, you will find that breadth of these basic technologies, which have enabled basic technologies to allow Kodak for creating functionality that go simply beyond the visual communication with the help of suitable printing process. Until now, the company has successfully leveraged wide range of scientific understanding for the creation of technologies to allow delivery of customized solutions. These techniques allow Kodak Company to develop flexible, powerful and easily usable products or solutions with almost every new generation.

Latest Handheld Camera of the Company

Playsport is the most recent the small handheld camera system offered by the Kodak Company. In fact, many users and company members believe that this is camcorder of Kodak is the perfect option for single-go and active people. This camera system is available with awesome features and is the perfect choice for people willing to capture best and memorable moments of life at any specified duration.

Product Features and Components

Playsport is available with countless astonishing features and small enough to fit perfectly in pouches and wallets or inside the back pocket of jeans or trousers. The device has incorporated different components, which include rechargeable batteries containing ions of lithium, camera system, HDMI cords, AV and user guide, software to edit videos and strap to avoid risks related to losing or dropping of Playsport during its actual application. In conclusion, Playsport of Kodak is the best model or product for all choosing for vacation or deciding to experience snorkeling.

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